We Offer...caring adult services, socialization, nutritious meals, exercise and activities/outings.


  • Nutritionally balanced meals.
  • Special diets available
  • Morning and afternoon          refreshments.

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Yes, call us at (219) 413-5244 to discuss your needs. Evening appointments are available...

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Activities - Senior

  • Daily exercises
  • Physically active games
  • Task oriented activities to stimulate cognition.
  • Small groups to increase peer interaction.

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  • Activities for Adults/Seniors
  • Nutritional Meals/Snacks
  • Senior Socialization

Our Services

Welcome to Regal Adult Day Services, and adult day care program!

Regal Adult Day Services is an adult/senior day care program focusing on stimulating socialization skills, monitoring and/or supervising all activities of daily living, and therapeutic activities.  We offer a wide range of activities, both for the individual and the group setting.

Respect and admiration for our clients is prevalent throughout the program. Regal has been created to provide quality care in a protected environment that advocates support of the adult/senior and the family.


  • Games—movies—music—arts & crafts.
  • Amateur entertainment
  • Outdoor activities/outings
  • Music and pet therapy
  • Social activities and community field trips.
  • Daily exercises
  • Physically active games
  • Task oriented activities to stimulate cognition.

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Regal Adult Day Services has really been a blessing for us. My mom is there for respite care, giving my dad the time to run errands.


I am telling everyone I meet about how Regal has helped me in caring for my mom.

This is a great service to the community and to families. Keeping our seniors safe is very important. 


My mom looks forward to coming.


I have so much fun, I want to come as often as I can.


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Visit us now, We are at 4035 Elm Street, corner of Elm and Columbus Dr.

Payment types accepted

  • Private pay
  • Insurance
  • Medicaid Waiver
  • And more...

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Employment Opportunities

We're looking for an LPN!

Full time - Part time - Job sharing. Fun, exciting, rewarding!

Click on the button below for an employment application. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Regal family, complete the application and submit with your resume to Ms. Tamra Smith at tsmith.regalads@gmail.com.

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Click on the button below for a client application. Submit to Ms. Tamra Smith.Please call her with any questions.

Caring - Safe - We're just like family!

Regal Adult Day Services
an Adult Day Care